Templates will give you an easy introduction to whatever you want to plot. We hope to cover the most commons tasks. Contact us if you want to submit another template.

Standard Comparison: Load

Plots experimental data (submitted via external data) and compares it with a theoretic function describing this data. This is a common task if you measure data in experiments and want to verify it by comparing it to the expected distribution. Standard Comparison

Linear Fit: Load

Takes external data and runs a linear fit. After completion, the experimental data along with the linear fit will be plottet. This always occures when you want to determine the slope or the y-intersect of experimental data. Linear Fit

Arbitrary Fit: Load

Takes external data and runs a fit with a defined function with defined parameters. This fitted function will be plottet along with the experimental data. Useful whenever you have to determine parameters by fitting your data to theoretical distributions. Standard Comparison

Histogram: Load

Simply uses external data to generate a histogram plot. Histogram

3D-Plot: Load

Takes a function or external data and plots it as a 3D-Graph. There a lot of possible appearance stylies. 3D-Plot

Height-Map: Load

Takes 3D data and plots it into a heighmap, so z-components are color coded. Heightmap